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I joined the community a while ago, but never posted. I decided that with how dead the place was I'd introduce myself.

I grew up with a lot of pets, and after finding out that I was allergic to rodents I gained a bigger interest in reptiles(I had only had anoles before this). I had a bearded dragon for a long time and after he passed away and we moved I decided it was time for a snake.

My family has had a ball python(named Monty) for a long, long time and I decided I wanted something a little bit bigger(because it can't be too easy!). So I looked around, compared sizes and temperaments and decided on a red tailed boa constrictor. We found the perfect little male at PetCo(I know a lot of hardcore pet owners and breeders hate that place, but those little guys need homes too). He was very tiny, maybe only one month old with very unique coloring. If you count the marking down his back to the fifth one, half of the shape is just gone, and along his side he has a very strong pink tint(I thought this may go away when he got his adult brown color but it's still there). I named him Thorn.

I've had my sweet little guy for almost two years now. He's about four feet long and quickly catching up to the width of our full grown ball python. He's been held by tons and tons of people, we take him out in public and let kids and the occasional curious adult pet him. He loves people and will actually stretch away from me and sniff at a stranger's face.

With all of that said, I have a question. I know there are different types of red tails and having bought my boy from PetCo, I'm unsure of which one he is. I'm pretty sure he's not a "true" red tail(his tail is very much brown =P), but other then that I'm not sure of what signs to look for.

Anyway, here's some pictures. They're both from early summer of last year.
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